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Management philosophy
The driving force is the employee’s dream
Purpose is customer satisfaction
Wish is a contribution to society

We are consistently engaged in the design, manufacture, and construction of semiconductor/liquid crystal manufacturing-related equipment such as ultrapure water equipment, chemical liquid/slurry supply equipment, etc., reaching the 70th anniversary in 2018, and 40 years in each specialized field, with a track record of exceeding. Generally unfamiliar, semiconductors are found in every products around us. For example, semiconductors are used in a wide range of areas such as PCs, smartphones, digital devices such as LCD TVs, home appliances, and automobiles for which further demand is expected for autonomous driving functions, and they play an important role in the center of industry and daily life. Also, with the full-scale spread of Iot, the semiconductor market is expanding rapidly, and our outstanding technology is an essential element in semiconductor manufacturing. We continue to work on new technologies and quality improvements to maintain stable business performance as a “unsung hero” that supports semiconductor and LCD manufacturers and society.

“We provide utility equipment that meets the needs of customers with an integrated system from design to production and construction under the technology of engineering companies and equipment manufacturers. Our strength is that we can respond to the production of custom-made products with the high level of proposal-based technical capabilities, service capabilities, and agility that are not so many.
While launching a new business, we are aiming to make a leap into a company that has continued for decades by increasing the axis of the business, and we are also considering the development of new products required for an eco-friendly world. “

Representative Director and President      
Naoto Tonan


1948 (Showa23) Established as Sanko Rug Co., Ltd. for the purpose of manufacturing and selling export flowers
1956 (Showa31) Established former Kansai Plastics Industry Corporation by introducing rigid vinyl chloride processing technology from Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
1960 (Showa35) Absorbed and merged the plastic division and renamed Kansai Plastics Industry Corporation.

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Founding date July 2, 1948
Capital 11 million yen
Representative Representative Director and President Naoto Tonan
location 331-3, Shijuse, Kurashiki City, Okayama 710-0835
License Construction (Okayama Governor Approval (General- 3) No. 16425)
Pipework business, machinery and equipment installation business,
Water facility construction business, steel structure construction business
Civil engineering business/Electrician business
Kurashiki City Designated Water Supply Equipment Contractor No. 9
Kurashiki City Sewer Drainage Facility Designated Worker No. 6


location Head office: 331-3 Shijuse, Kurashiki city, Okayama 710-0835
TEL: 086-425-1131 / FAX: 086-425-1737

Yokohama Sales Office: Three-One Building 3F, 3-20-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama city, Kanagawa 222-0033 TEL: 045-309-8069 / FAX: 045-471-7528
access 7 minutes walk from “Kyujyou-mae(Baseball Stadium) Station” on the Mizushima Seaside Railway
1 minute walk from the Ryobi Bus “Shijuse Kyujyou-mae(Baseball Stadium)” bus stop
From Kurashiki Station, take the Ryobi Bus for “JFE South Gate”, “Kurashiki University of Arts” or “Kasumibashi Garage”, and get off at “Shijuse Kyujyou-mae(Baseball Stadium)”bus stop and walk for 1 minute.

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